Logic & Mans Consciousness

On: Wednesday, November 12, 2014

 Logic is the art of non-contradictory identification. Man-made objects are necessarily the result of man's existence, but we did not create them out of nothing. As man, we used our minds to shape our metaphysical surroundings (nature) to further and sustain our existence. We cannot create metaphysically anew, but only reshape the metaphysical into the man-made for whatever purpose we desire, but even our purpose is dictated by the laws of reality. Whether it be fundamentally for the purpose of life or death, man alone has the volitional power to choose. And this choice necessarily becomes a choice of reason, a choice as a man to either use our means of survival and use it well or succumb to the consequences of inaction. This choice is to think or not, to use reason or not, to implement the art of logic to correctly identify the existents of reality--and so the rules and proper goals of our existence--or not. As man we are not divorced from reality but a product of it, in our total existence we, as all else are--in full--prescribed and functioning and existing in and by, the nature of the universe, the facts of reality. Reason is the means of identifying reality as it is and thereby attaining knowledge and logic is the means of understanding what exactly knowledge as such requires to be valid, which is to be devoid of all contradictions; which means to be purely consonant with reality. Logic is not your friend, it is mine--it will not help you to spread your mystical doctrines nor the existence of any aspect of them; it will only lead to their destruction, as it rightfully must to protect man from all con men--whether it be those seeking to trick man into buying an inferior material piece of junk or a spiritual one; and by spirit, I mean man's consciousness.

by @Phaeous Jeff Phaeous 

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