My wife asked me to enlarge our closet

On: Thursday, July 16, 2015

 My wife asked me to enlarge our closet. She said she needed more space. She had several boxes of stuff that she needed to put there.

I got out my ruler and measured the boxes of stuff. Then I measured the closet to see how much larger I would have to make the closet in order to accommodate the additional stuff.

When I was finished, my wife thanked me for making more space. I understood that I measured the height, width, and length of the boxers of stuff. I also measured the distance between the walls, floor, and ceiling of the closet. I never did measure space.

Curious about this, I tried an experiment. I cut a hole into a piece of paper. Once again, I couldn't measure the space I had created in the paper. I could only measure the paper.

Then I got out a doughnut from the fridge. I noticed there was a round hole, or space in the middle of the doughnut. I measured this space to be 1.5 inches across. I ate the doughnut enlarging the space. I was able to create more and more space until there was no longer a doughnut. The doughnut space had merged with the space in the room.

Determined to measure the resulting space created by the now digesting doughnut, I tore down the walls of our home. This only resulted in the merger of the doughnut space to the house space and to the space surrounding the earth.

I am writing this to you from my own private space at the Greeenlawn facility where the nice people so graciously provided a laptop with wireless access to the interwebs in hopes that others might learn the same valuable lesson that I have learned from this experience:

Space is NOT a what! It is a where!

I have to go now. The rather homely, but nice lady is bringing me the wonderful little pill which allows me to exit "physical" space and enter into the rather different location of pure thought space.

Rest gently, my friends, and fear not! There is no beginning and therefore no end to space, only separation between objects. surrounding objects and within objects where there is not matter. - John Smith aka Monk E. Monk
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